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i just wanted to comment about how life can do a 180 in a matter of 2 weeks.....it simply amazes me....

that's all for now
who gets hot sauce in their eye????

oh and im a soccer coach now...how cute! lol
so i might be getting a second job as a soccer coach. yayyy! it would be so much fun. idk how old the kids would be, but the pay is excellent. and i'd be getting payed for doing something i love. does it get any better than that?

that's the bulk of my update lol...everything else i going GREAT! :-D

ok so january's almost over already...i can't believe it!!! work's been getting busier of course. but it's actually going very well. i have no complaints and my schedule is great. i started classes on wednesday. they seem alright to me. nothing with homework really, except for info tech. everything else just has a paper or two.

i can't wait for the summer! or at least the spring. i hate this cold weather!! and i hate this time of year because all of my friends are away and that makes me sad. but i've been keeping busy. i started a diet!! :-0 yea...i started eating better (somewhat) and started running and working out again. and of course im getting my athletic injuries back again: the shin splints...the ankles...soreness in general...but i actually like when i feel the pain cuz i know it's working!!! haha as long as im in shape for soccer season! and im so excited about soccer this summer!!! not only are most of the players coming back...but andy's gonna play too! that'll make it even more fun!! maybe we can win some more games this season...if not,..its ok cuz ill be playing with some awesome friends!!

anyways...aunt sues apmt is looking awesome...i've been over there a lot. it looks so good now that its painted and stuff. im really glad we've been spending more time together.

kris has been picking up baby john. that's good cuz we all get to see him, and he finally gets to come outta the house. he's soooo cute. but besides that...nothing's new...2006 had a great start, so im looking forward the the next 11 months!!!

<3 xoxo
hey everyone....just saying happy holidays (xmas, hannukah, kwanza, whatever) and of course happy new year!

besides that...i never finished my shopping...school's done! and i did well! and idk..things have been good. i got to hang out with jack n cor. man i missed them!! i haven't gotten any headaches, and i haven't been sick. and work is the same old situation, it's good. ok im gonna go now cuz i dont got anything to write. lata!
just to update real quick, i got an A- on my accounting test!!!!! :-D
so this is pretty much judgement day...i'm about to take the test that will define my college career. i'm gonna go finish up my studying because this accounting test means it all. i need to pass this class!!! why does it gotta be so hard???? but at least my other classes are easy, but oh yeah i gotta study more art slides tonight. fun stuff. but it's almost over!!!!!! yay!! ok bye.
idk what it is lately...i've been wrapped up in my schoolwork and with work and i don't do anything else really..on occasion ill hangout with sam n mess, but mostly ive just been home...idk im just missing something, or someone...i dont feel like doing much, and when there is stuff to do i dont wanna do it, and other times i search for things only to be bored out of my mind..most of the time i just feel like working...its the only thing im good at right now, it gives me pride, and makes me feel like im contributing to something. i havent been going out. i miss it. i miss getting drunk with friends. i miss driving around aimlessly listening to music til 3am. we just don't do it anymore...maybe everyone's growing up, or maybe everyone's growing apart, or maybe its something else. am i missing something??? anyways, i'm gonna go. im not gonna go anywhere, but i gotta stop writing this lol
so since my last update:

i had another soccer game, we lost. i got injured too. i tore my knee apart, and hurt my neck. ouch!

my sister got into a car accident. it wasn't too bad, she's fine, and will be getting her car back by monday.

i worked. a lot. a lot, a lot. i had to travel all over the world to place a mclane order! urrrhh.

i had off from school!! :-) i love going to a predominantly jewish school!! hehe

and besides that i've been exhausted. tired sleepy. i hungout with sam n justine yesterday. we had fun! then we saw marty! ahhhhh! so proud!!! hehe. well thats all i got. sorry so short and boring.
so today i got lucky!! i went to court to pay my ticket. i had to wait like 2 1/2 hours, and i was the ONLY person not called! makes sense right? i have to give a big shout out and thank you to sam for coming with me. luckily i didnt get yelled at like her friend did!!! so i went to the plea bargainer and i got reduced to no points! woohoo. and the judge would decide my fine. so he told me, well at least it sounded as if he said 190 plus the 55 standard ny fee. so the woman who forgot to call my name asked me how much he said and i told her. she said "what? no way. here 90 plus 55. i forgot to call your name anyways." lol i was excited! so yea i lucked out like madd. but im gonna nap now, cuz i got a soccer game later!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! great day! lataaa.